Oklahoma City/County Health Department 

Food Manufacturers & Caterers

Sami Gillespie 


Mobile carts and Trucks

Tonya Moore
(405) 633-0623

Click here to go to the pre-operational document link required by the Health Department. 

This document needs to be completed before you can obtain your license. 

If you are renting our kitchen you will need to list E3K next to any facility questions

If you are Jarring or bottling (canning) you may need a process authority letter
Contact  OSU Food and Agriculture Products Center  

Dr William McGlynn



5.  Obtain Product Liability Insurance – E3K must be listed as additional insured and you must list a mailing address different than the facility address for your mail to be sent.  Product Liability is required!  Spoilage, Loss or any other insurance is suggested but not required.

Suggestions for Insurance 

Getting Started

6.  Read Rules and Policies page and Submit the I agree button at the bottom of the page

7.   Fill out the online application and pay $25 application fee via paypal

When you areready to meet with your health inspector,

contact us to schedule a time before your appointment with them to come in and sign your contract.

8.   Schedule an appointment to Sign your contract and pay your security deposit.

9.   Register on http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/E3K/calendar
(Link in the orange circle on the bottom of the homepage) to reserve your station and time on the kitchen calendar.

 10.  Meet with your inspector to obtain your license.

11. Obtain your City License

12. Display your license in kitchen 

13. Schedule your time on the online calendar

14. Sign into the sign in sheet outside the south kitchen door 

15. Start production

 – These are the basic steps to get your business started. 

Please note:  There are other layers of business that need to be happening simultaneously such as setting up books, product costing, packaging and labels, distribution and sales.
If you need assistance with any of the above please see our consulting services page 

Located  @1408 N Portland Avenue, OKC, OK 73107  

405okck@gmail.com           405-673-7945 

1.  Create your business; business registration, sales tax, name and logo, etc.

 2.  Read the regulatory guidance from the Oklahoma City County Health Department 

Select which link pertains to your business

3.  Submit the first application to reserve space to E3K.

4.  Email the appropriate inspector the following information:

      a. Completed the pre-operational document for the health dept (List E3K in any facility questions)
      a.  Sales Tax permit
      b.  lables if applicable
      c.  Provide brief summary of where you are in getting started

      d.  List your questions
      e.  Request time frame 

example:  Name name is John Smith with ABC Cookie Company, I want to sale my cookies at festivals and markets.  I have my sales tax permit, pre-operational document, label design ready for approval and am interested in using E3K as my production facility.  

I have a few questions: Can I sell my cookies out of a display case without packaging or do all my cookies need to be in a package?   I would like to be producing by in three weeks, is that possible?
Please respond with any additional tasks I need to complete before scheduling a time to obtain my license.

Thank you for your time. 

​Attached is my sales tax permit,  label layout and pre-operational document for approval