Located  @1408 N Portland Avenue, OKC, OK 73107  

405okck@gmail.com           405-673-7945 

# Days a week
1-3  a week
4-6 days a week
Dishwashing only$30 a month
$60 a month
Dishwashing +Monthly rental of
1 Storage shelf either Dry/Refrigerated
$40 a month

$70 a month

Dishwashing + Monthly rental of
2-Storage shelves;1-Refrigerated & 1- Dry

$50 a month

$80 a month
Dishwashing + Monthly rental of
3-Storage shelves;1-Refrigerated, 1- Dry & 1 Freezer
$60 a month $90 a month

Cart Commissary requires prepaid contracts for a minimum of 6 months

Mobile Commissary Rates

No truck storage or gray water dump available

To read health department guidelines and obtain health inspector contact info see our getting started page

Mobile Commissary

Providing storage and dishwashing for mobile carts and trucks

Kitchen rates apply for food prep (See Kitchen Rates)