The following rates require 1 year signed contract.

Any short term contracts require special consideration, documentation 

and a 10% increase to the below rates.

Storage Rental Rates

Prices per month: 1 yr Contract / 6 month Contract price  

Electric, Natural Gas, Water, Trash Service and Pest Control

Sheet pans & Large Stock pots

Hand & dish soap, sanitizer, bleach, trash bags, and paper towels for hand washing

Licensee is responsible for providing all your own small wares, cooking utensils and towels.

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday-Friday 10am-3pm *Office is CLOSED on Mondays and Thursdays

(Clients may access the kitchen 24/7)*

​Located  @1408 N Portland Avenue, OKC, OK 73107 

To read health department guidelines and obtain health inspector contact info see our getting started page

E3k’s Share – Use Kitchen has multiple Stations

Kitchen Rental Rates

Please note:  You can always use more hours than your contracted amount, You will receive a second invoice at the beginning of the following month for any hours over your contract 

E3K provides:

Storage is rented a la carte; Three types of storage are available for additional monthly fees.  

Dry Storage
by the pallet space
$55 per month

by the shelf
$10 per month
Refrigerator Storage 
by the shelf 
$12 per month
Miscellaneous Storage

by the square foot

nonelectric / electric

$4 / 6

(Pallet Storage will hold an average 4’ rack and 32” freezer)      (Shelves are approximately 18” x 24”)

Station Red & Blue

Cooking and Baking Station

Station Yellow 

Canning or Bottling Station

Station Green – Baking Station
Common Areas

Each have a 

14’ stainless steel table space
Access to shared;
6-burner gas stove,

top full-size electric (red), gas convection oven (blue),

proofer and still-air oven

8’ & 4’

stainless steel tables,

40-gallon steam-jacketed kettle,

and a shared 6-burner

gas stove

8’ & 4’ stainless steel table,

20-Qt mixer, 

Access to shared;
6-burner gas stove,
and a full-size bottom

electric convection oven.

Dish Pit includes

3-hole sink &

drying racks and
Prep Sink

Hours per month
Rates per hour



1 yr contract / 6 month contract

80+ Hours per month
hr $9 / $10 
$720 / $800 per month
64 Hours per month
hr $9.50 /$10.50
$608 / $672 per month
48 Hours per month
hr $10 /$11
$480 / $528 per month
32 Hours per month
hr $10.50 /$11.50
$336 / $368 per month
16 Hours per month
hr $11 / $12
$176 / $192 per month
8 Hours per month
hr $12.50/$13.50
$100 / $108 per month

One time use/

Special use




Balance due day of use

Pay as you go contract


Invoiced by useage